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With a variety of options to chose from, there is likely a Fowler Homes plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. That said, the respected design and build company encourages you to create a custom dream home with them from scratch.

Fowler Homes has hundreds of popular house plans to explore, all of which can be adapted to your needs. However, design and build is Fowler Homes’ real speciality – which means working directly with you to shape the custom home of your dreams.

This doesn’t require you knowing all the ins and outs of designing a home – it just means having the freedom (and fun) of deciding exactly what works for you and your family, in terms of everything from room flow to the choice of tapware in the bathrooms.

Translating your family’s wants and needs into an affordable and timeless, much-loved family home might seem daunting but with Fowler Homes it’s quite the opposite.

Getting to know you and your needs, Fowler Homes will bring your aspirations to life in a realistic, achievable way underpinned by the company’s years of experience and industry knowledge.

Of course, everyone has different needs and part of the journey towards the home of your dreams is understanding what is realistic, achievable and, looking ahead, future proof.

And this includes knowing where to skimp or splurge.

Fowler Homes managing director Tony Hill says that careful planning is done with homeowners. Here is one of the fundamental points he makes.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to make tough decisions to ensure the home is within budget, but there are a few aspects where cutting corners is a no-go.

For instance, you wouldn’t skimp on the roof or the cladding of your house, with either the design or the materials. 

Fowler Homes managing director Tony Hill

"As fashion changes there are a lot of choices out there but there are some proven cladding systems that have been around for literally thousands of years. By going with these, you’re future proofing your home against performance issues," Tony says.

Right from our first meeting, Shane and his team were on board with our plan and ideas. While some building companies tried to tell us the plan was 'too hard' or 'unrealistic', Fowler were the complete opposite and helped us find ways to make these ideas work.

Jarrod Calkin, homeowner, Palmerston North

Whether you only have a rough idea or fully drawn plans, get in touch with Fowler Homes so that together, you can get started on turning thoughts and dreams into a dream home reality. Phone 08004FOWLER or alternatively head online here.

Story by: Trendsideas

21 Feb, 2021

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