The Soul Apartments

07 Jun, 2019

A curved masterpiece located in the heart of Cronulla NSW, Australia. Glasshape® was privileged to supply six levels of bent, toughened, heat-soaked windows and balustrades, including engineered bent pool glass for the rooftop luxury pools.

Glasshape® was engaged at an early stage to digitally site-measure the curved window frames, and concrete balustrade channels. Using this precision electronic data. We were able to custom-design curved window and balustrade requirements to suit these frames & channels whilst ensuring glass panels on each level were evenly split and lined up when viewed from the street.

“Glasshape® did a fantastic job from site measure to delivery which makes our life on site installing a breeze.”

David Poole (Clearsight Railings)

Crowned with two sparkling blue luxury pools, SOUL offers its residents a refreshing rooftop pool experience whilst enjoying the spectacular ocean views. Thanks to Glasshapes final touch to this majestic project: bent, engineered, toughened, structurally laminated pool-windows.

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Glasshape, established in 1986, is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of curved, toughened and laminated specialty glass. Family owned and based in Auckland, New Zealand, Glasshape’s philosophy of growth through innovation, ingenuity and customer service sees it deliver best-in-class glazing solutions in a variety of categories, with notable success in marine, architectural (residential and commercial), high security and heavy machinery projects.

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