Master suite pavilion for eco-conscious luxury mountain home

19 Aug, 2019

Design by Sandra & Scott Gjesdahl, Bristol Design and Construction

From the designers:


  • Create a master suite that connects seamlessly with its lush location – a true indoor-outdoor experience.
  • Emphasise the magnitude of this 80-hectare farm and forest and its unique sense of place.
  • Create a pavilion separate from the main house and other guest suites to ensure a private sanctuary for the owners.

Given the moist tropical setting, stainless steel mesh architecture, bathroom, building, ceiling, estate, floor, furniture, home, house, interior design, property, real estate, room, brown, gray
Given the moist tropical setting, stainless steel mesh was used in the closet doors of this master suite to allow the interiors to breathe.


  •  There was limited road access and quality of materials and craftsmen in this remote location.
  •  The expansive doors and windows demanded an alternate approach to mirrors, storage, lighting, plumbing and electrical.
  •  The humidity in this area can be damaging to stored shoes and clothing.
A broad timber ladder as towel rail seems architecture, bathroom, building, floor, home, house, interior design, property, real estate, room, brown
A broad timber ladder as towel rail seems a relaxed and appropriate response to this eco-friendly, wood-rich design high up in mountainous jungle.


  •  Limited resources meant outsourcing many items, but also training local people in the community important skills and trades. Many of them now work with us full time, which is particularly rewarding.
  •  When designing open plans, we’re careful to create delineation and visual borders. In this project, the landscaping became a key element in creating privacy as well.
  •  We were able to integrate more creative concepts like hinged mirrors, vanity lamps instead of sconces or pendants and an amazing wet room with the encouragement of the owner.
  •  The floor-to-ceiling doors and windows are an important component, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. To further emphasise this effect, the tile floors and wood ceilings extend beyond the interior spaces, reaching out toward the vistas.
  • Stainless steel mesh was used in the closet doors to allow the interiors to breathe.
One foot in luxury, one foot in a architecture, botanical garden, botany, building, estate, flower, garden, glass, green, greenhouse, home, house, interior design, orangery, outdoor structure, plant, plantation, property, real estate, room, vegetation, window, green, gray
One foot in luxury, one foot in a tropical paradise – this is the experience of the home owners using this new master bedroom pavilion with dramatic en suite.

Special Features

  • The wet room is particularly remarkable, truly taking advantage of the surrounding mountain views.
  • The wooden bridge adds a warm detail reminiscent of an ancient spa or bathhouse.
  • Another Asian influence is the bamboo garden adjacent to the indoor shower. An opening was cut through the roofing to allow the bamboo to grow dramatically tall. This is also enjoyed from the master courtyard and exterior garden shower.
  • There is a strong relationship from the pivot door to the pool ramp, which is mirrored on the courtyard side by the sculpture garden planter.
  • This home is completely off-grid, solely powered by micro-hydro and solar. Rainwater is collected then filtered through an intricate drainage system (downspouts are invisibly integrated within the columns). We’re proud to emphasise how sustainability was integrated in this eco-conscious and highly luxurious project.
  • Delineation between interior and exterior spaces were successfully minimised resulting in a suite that truly exists in both places.