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Fit offers a range of intelligent solutions that bring design, style, space, efficiency and organisation to the inside of kitchen cabinets.

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Our product range which includes top internationally recognized, European brands such as Vauth-Sagel and our well established range of Tanova Waste and Laundry Systems have all been comprehensively tested for durability and performance and are all supported by our lifetime guarantee.

KITCHEN STORAGE SOLUTIONS  Fit offer a complete range of kitchen storage solutions: pull-out pantries and larders with wire or solid base baskets, innovative space saving solutions for corner units, pull-out overhead and underbench storage options, stylish wine storage plus drawer organisers to keep your cutlery drawers and utensil drawers spick and span. Whether it’s the premium Vauth-Sagel or cost effective Giamo range, we have the kitchen storage solution for your new kitchen or kitchen renovation project.

TANOVA FOR YOUR KITCHEN Fit’s Tanova Simplex, Simplex Plus and Tanova Deluxe kitchen bin ranges offer space saving storage and waste solutions for all areas of your home. The bins slide away out of sight, yet are easily accessed when needed. Hygienic and easy to clean, many also have a top mounted cover for odour minimisation and soft close option.

TANOVA FOR YOUR LAUNDRY Tanova Simplex, Tanova Simplex Plus and Tanova Deluxe also offer pull-out baskets ideal for managing household laundry. They use space efficiently, keep laundry neat and out of sight until you are ready to access it, plus they are air vented to enable airflow and breathability.

LET THERE BE LIGHT Well-designed kitchen lighting is essential for both safety while working and a smart, modern appearance. Fit’s Domus line provides an energy-efficient, attractive range of LED lighting including spotlights, profiles and flexyLED strips. Whether you are looking for fully recessed, surface mounted or angled, this range has you covered.

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