Blum New Zealand

Blum fittings solutions make opening and closing furniture a breeze and bring enhanced user convenience to the entire home - and in particular to kitchens. 

More than 7,600 employees work hard all over the world to perfect the motion of Blum's fittings - lift, hinge and drawer systems.




Mesmerising motion

With more than 7,600 employees working hard all around the world, Blum pride ourselves on perfecting the motion of our fittings - lift, hinge and drawer systems. Our hardware makes day to day furniture use effortless and mesmerising. 

Our goal is working on keeping Blum users and customers satisfied and fulfilled for the lifetime of the kitchen. So we focus on their needs, listen to their ideas, and create new and enticing solutions.

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Blum produces an exceptionally high standard of quality.

With well-thought-out function, we also strive to uphold award-winning design and a long term life for all of our products. But not just on hardware, our high standard of quality also applies to the services we supply our partners.

Blum products are designed to inspire and ensure everyone who uses them feels satisfied throughout the entire process, from start to finish. From the design process to installation, and to end users experience using Blum products in the home.

The services we offer at present is the result of an exchange of insights and ideas between kitchen manufacturers, cabinet makers and specifiers.

You can feel, view and explore the Blum range in it’s modern and up to date showrooms in Auckland - 621 Rosebank Road, Avondale and Christchurch - 27 Dalziel Place, Woolston. 

The Blum New Zealand website also has a remarkable directory of New Zealand kitchen manufacturers and designers who are familiar with the Blum range.

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