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Tips, tricks, hacks and advice to ensure your home design project is a success

New home

Even small leaks sink great ships
Leaky home syndrome leads to many more problems over time. We've talked to a professional about how to overcome this issue.
Under the weather
Your location's climate dictates what type or exterior building materials you should use. As one of the most vulnerable parts of your home, you should give your roofing extra consideration.
Sigh – do these work together?
If you're not an expert, interior design can be a minefield. Luckily, Trends delivers 1000s of professional design projects as inspiration. Here, an industry expert shares her thoughts.
Put together a home project budget
About to start a home project? Take a look at our budgeting tips to ensure everything runs smoothly


How to design a better kitchen island
Islands are the focal point of many kitchens, used for food preparation, cooking and entertaining. How can you design the best island for your kitchen?
6 must-haves in a dream kitchen
From double sinks to quartz counters, here are six features you need to add to your dream kitchen list
It’s OK to have a small kitchen
A big kitchen may be the dream for many of us, but small kitchens are likely the reality. Here's how you make it work
Penny for your kitchen?
About to start a kitchen project? Take a look at our budgeting tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Own your throne
When you think toilets and bidets, you probably don't think of innovation and technological advancement, right? Well think again.
Bathroom layouts: What you need to know
Struggling to plan your bathroom renovation? Take a look at our guide below to get started
Simple changes – big impact
A bathroom makeover needn’t cost the earth if you’re smart about it. Check out these bathroom ideas on a budget, you may be surprised at how much money you’ll save.
5 things you need to consider when designing a shower
Custom showers are an opportunity to create the ultimate retreat within your home – and there's no shortage of customisable features


Rest easy!
Need help to select quality, long-lasting furniture for your home? Here's how to buy pieces that will stand the test of time
Colour blocking: A whimsical way to add colour to your interiors
Here's a quick, easy and low-commitment way to refresh your interior spaces.
5 innovative uses of flooring in kitchens
Clever use of flooring materials adds to the functionality of your kitchen. Here are 5 examples to prove the point.
Winter is coming!
Impulse buying is very real, but when it comes to purchasing a heating option for your home, slow and steady is the best way to go

Outdoor living

Small spaces, big ideas
So, you haven’t been blessed with a large outdoor space. That’s okay! There's plenty of ways around this
Dive on in
Adding a pool to your new home or renovation project is a big commitment. While pools add a lot of value to your home, they generally require considerable maintenance. Until now.
5 top tips for a green rooftop oasis
As apartment living around the world reaches an unprecedented high, landscape design expert Matt Leacy explains how traditional backyard features can be transported to the roof
The 6 most important spa pool considerations
Spa pools can be a great addition to an outdoor area, but as with any large purchase, there are important things to consider before you go out and buy one


Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom?
If you've been mulling over a bathroom renovation, take a look at this article for some key things to keep in mind
Don't be floored
About to decide on flooring for your new or renovation project? Don't just jump in without researching first. We're here to help.
Key questions to ask yourself before starting a home project
Take a look at our questions below before you dive into your next big home project
How to create perfect lighting zones in your kitchen
Ever wondered how to elevate your kitchen from merely great to a true showstopper? Here's how to create the ultimate kitchen lighting
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