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Tips, tricks, hacks and advice to ensure your home design project is a success

New home

Strategising for energy efficiency
Does energy efficiency work as afterthought? Not really. This professional perspective from architect Max Capocaccia of MC Architecture Studio outlines the importance of strategising for things like e...
Closed, opened, retracted
Louvretec’s Retractable Opening Roof gives you even more control of your outdoor area
Clear desk – clear mind
Keeping your office clean and clutter-free can be a job in itself! But worry not – we've got some tips to help keep your working space organised
4 tips to maximise space in a small apartment
Living in a smaller space shouldn't cramp your style. Here are 4 tips to help you make your apartment feel infinitely more spacious – and stylish


Kitchen layouts – which one is for you?
Galley, island, peninsular – just the design names can be confusing. Which kitchen style sizzles for you?
Washing your hands of poor functionality?
Despite the eye-catching aesthetic, this kitchen is built around functionality – for instance, a second sink was added at the rear of the kitchen, near the back door, as a convenient place to wash you...
A turn for the better
Turning the rear benchtop of this kitchen up the wall added design interest and provided for a handy display ledge, complete with pocket storage.
The art of choosing appliances
To help you fit out your kitchen with the right appliances, we’ve put together a list of six things to keep in mind


4 Clever Ways to Curate a Luxury Bathroom
Planning a bathroom update …or just looking for ideas and inspiration? Here's how to create a luxury bathroom that meets your every requirement
Double duty
A combination of fixed showerhead and an adjustable sliding rack fitting provides a variety of showering options in this spacious shower enclosure.
Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom?
If you've been mulling over a bathroom renovation, take a look at this article for some key things to keep in mind
6 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Home Spa
There are many great and easy ways to spruce up your own bathroom and turn it into a luxury home spa.


8 bedroom hacks that will help you get through winter
Looking to liven up your living space this Winter? You are not alone! Every year the cold season can make your property feel gloomy and uninviting. But that doesn’t mean your home needs to fall into h...
What window coverings will best help you stay warm this winter?
Consumer NZ’s latest test of window coverings finds installing well-fitted curtains and blinds will go a long way towards keeping heat inside your home
Make it personal
Warm, cool, inviting, or atmospheric – a deft choice of colour has a major impact on your project
Designer digs
Having an interior designer is always a good idea to make a space look and feel great, but it's not always possible to make a reality. Here are some ways to make your home look like it's been touched ...

Outdoor living

How to turn your garden into a work of art
With a wide variety of choices and easy DIY ideas, you no longer need to rely on nurseries alone to electrify your garden
Ready, set, glow
Allied Concrete's Ready Glow can be used to add unique design elements and adds a functioning, self powering renewable light source for any type of decorative concrete application
5 tips to keep your garden going through winter
Your garden might not get enough love over the cooler months. But with the right care, you can keep your landscape thriving throughout winter
What trees to plant in a small garden
Don't let a lack of space hold you back – you can still have a thriving garden. Keep reading for some tips to make the best of your smaller outdoor space


Want a green home but can't afford it? Think again
Daniel Casas, owner of Casas Design, offers a professional perspective on designing a house that’s kind to the planet, your energy bills and your build price.
Open advantage
To accomodate their large family who visit frequently, this retired couple extended their home to create an outdoor room – and couldn't be happier with the results.
Renovation do's and don'ts
About to embark on a home renovation? We've asked Shelley Brockliss, design manager from Yellowfox, what you should and shouldn't do to achieve the best results
3 easy ways to renovate your home this winter
Are you itching to renovate your home during the winter months, but are unsure of where to start? Keep reading, we've got you covered!
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