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Start your next bathroom project on the right foot. See inspiring bathrooms featuring porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tiles.

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Tile, mosaics, laminate and bathroomware

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ideas and inspiration

Rich ambience
One upmarket element is a feature, two or three make for a sumptuous decor.
Different but complementary
Bringing two surfaces together to mutual benefit is a great design approach in a bathroom.
Serenity on high
Space is often at a premium in a row house, but the owners of this Colonial Revival-style house found the perfect solution they built an extra floor on top.
Tasty tiles and moreish mosaics
Whether they're helping to reflect light, adding some quirk to your interiors or helping to define spaces – how tiles and mosaics are used in your bathroom can make or break the space.
All that glitters is white and gold
To combat a lack of light and add an air of luxury, use of a unique mosaic adds an unexpected touch
7 design ideas for walls that will completely transform your bathroom
Off the wall? Here are 7 inspiring design ideas to add wow to your bathroom walls

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All you need to know about bathroom tiles
Want tiles in your bathroom, but don’t know where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about this critical aspect of the modern bathroom
(Bath)room with a view
Clean white surfaces complement stunning seaside views in this sleek bathroom
Bathroom and ensuite share wall and floor finishes, vanity designs and a contemporary aesthetic
Concrete-look tiles on floors and walls create a dramatic, uniform look in this bathroom and matching ensuite
Extension Galaxy Satin
The luxurious feel and unique veining of Calacatta Renoir marble are skillfully reinterpreted in this glazed porcelain tile.

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