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Cabinets, storage units, shelf or cube storage – all the tips, products, latest technologies and professional examples to help you get informed and organised are neatly arranged here

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Intelligent solutions that bring design, style, space, efficiency and organisation.

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Ideas and inspiration

This storage solution is a breeze
Back with another innovative and functional home solution, Fit ensures storage is a breeze with the Tanova Ventilated Drawer system.
Kitchen storage hacks
Lack of space can make your kitchen feel cluttered and messy. Not to worry, we have some storage hacks to make your kitchen a lot roomier
From storage woes to storage wows
Incorporating various storage solutions, running out space will never be an issue for the owners of this bathroom.
Our guide to closet decluttering
Does your closet need an organiser? Here are some ways to make it feel cleaner

featured image collections

Salice Pacta Fall Flap Door System
Multi-purpose design has become something of a necessity in recent years. Salice's Pacta offers various practical uses throughout the home.
Salice Wind Overhead Door Lift: Compact and Elegant
Salice's Wind is an elegant, unobtrusive overhead lift system for flap doors with a smooth, controlled soft close movement and a compact design that maximises storage area.Suits kitchens, bathrooms, l...
Salice Eclipse Pocket Door: Access to Work Spaces Without Bulky Open Doors
Salice’s Eclipse Pocket Door mechanism attaches to cabinet or cupboard doors and allows the door to pivot 90° to slide back to sit within a double cabinet wall.Pocket Doors are brilliant for when you ...

Latest storage Videos

Häfele Storage
Clever uses for innovative Häfele products
DYNAMIC SPACE: Maximise storage space in your kitchen
You can never have enough storage space! It's easy to make the best use of the space you have available and even create new storage space! This video contains valuable storage space tips. For further ...

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FIT(Access Group)
Fit offers a range of intelligent solutions that bring design, style, space, efficiency and organisation to the inside of kitchen cabinets.
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