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Did you know that a new roof can increase the curb appeal of your home?

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Ideas and inspiration

The basics of roof maintenance
When was the last time you checked your roof? Often, we don’t think about our roof until something goes wrong. By then, we could find the damage has already been done, which unfortunately means it’s l...
Building new? Consider the roof
Yes, new kitchens and bathrooms are quite exciting – but don't overlook the roof when you start your next home project
To re-roof or not to re-roof?
When making the choice between repairing or re-roofing it can at first, be a confusing choice - particularly when at face value a repair may seem cheaper. But long term, more often than not, this isn’...
Roofing types and what to look out for
Many homes aren’t fortunate enough to have a large – or even any – outdoor space. When that’s the case, your only choices are to accept your fate or find a creative solution.
Roofing trends to enhance your home
Today's roofing design is a balance between energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and aesthetics. Here's our guide to the latest roofing trends that will keep you covered for years to come.
Roof tiles genuinely made for New Zealand conditions

Concrete tiles love the beach and marine life, they will not rust or corrode near salt water. Concrete tiles are non-flammable so are a good fire-safe option.

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How to tell when it’s time to re-roof

Your roof has a critical role to play in the health of your home, both in terms of keeping the weather out and regulating temperature. Here's how to tell when you may need to replace it.


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Can you think of a cooler roof? We can't...
The Bold roof profile of Avocado Acres (Aa) House personifies the design collaboration with Architect, Lloyd Russell to inject a dose of creativity + Mod Green Architecture into a coastal infill proje...

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10 Steps to Re-roofing from CSR Roofing
An overview guide to re-roofing your house from the roofing experts - CSR Roofing. 

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