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Swimming Pools & Spas

From infinity edge designs to paddling pools, spa pools, covers, chemicals and fencing – all the professional ideas and vital contacts you need to make a splash with your project are here

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Ideas and inspiration

Cooled with a pool
Water-cooled Singapore house by Wallflower Architecture + Design with floating pavilion, pools on rooptop, interior pools on lower level
Dive on in
Adding a pool to your new home or renovation project is a big commitment. While pools add a lot of value to your home, they generally require considerable maintenance. Until now.
Prepping your pool for summer
The weather's heating up, so you might be thinking about taking a dip. But first you need to get your pool sorted. We're here to remind you of all the necessary steps to rejuvenate your pool
Why more Kiwis are choosing Swim Spas over conventional pools
Swim Spas boast many advantages over their traditional counterparts – from reduced running costs to year-round use. It's clear to see why New Zealanders are choosing to soak in the superior Swim Spa

Featured Image Collections

Natural connection Asian-inspired swimming pool by Robin Shafer and Morgan Pools
While it is important for outdoor areas to fit with the architecture of the house, they also need to connect to the scenery.
A waterfall in your pool

A freestanding schist wall with a sheer descent waterfall defines this new pool by Mayfair Pools See more

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