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Paint & Wallpaper

Use wallpaper and paint to add colour and texture and create a personal style for your home. Here’s all the inspiration you need to get started.

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Aalto specialise in the creation and production of multi-pigmented colours using only the highest grade paint and tinters to satisfy the needs of interior designers, architects and individuals with a discerning eye for colour.

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Ideas and inspiration

How gloss levels affect paint finish
First time painting your home? Consider the gloss levels to ensure you get the right look and longevity from your paint.
How to choose the right paint colour, room by room
Ever been struck by paint paralysis? Anyone who’s been overwhelmed by choosing paint colours can tell you it’s a real thing.
Want to give your home a different look? Try geometric wallpaper
Whether it's living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or even offices, geometric wallpaper can add another dimension to your house

Featured Image Collections

Lavish apartment includes traditional French elements

This apartment, located in Chengdu, China, looks part expensive hotel room and part French penthouse 


Workers cottage transformation

What started as a simple renovation of a workers cottage turned into a substantial, multi-year project. The results are impressive See more

An inky black feature wall adds a dramatic touch to the light-filled living room in this Waiata showhome, by Landmark Homes

Part of the Resene Neutrals Collection, Resene Nero creates a near black contrast to Resene White Pointer in this showhome living room See more

Latest paint videos

Meet Hue – Light Beyond Illumination
Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting, takes connected lighting to new levels with the launch of Philips Hue 2.0.

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Since 1946, Resene has forged a reputation of excellence and quality in manufacturing products designed to meet the demanding standards of architectural and building industry professionals and homeowners. 

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