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Your home is a reflection of who you are. But building a new house on your property is a major project. Don’t worry – we’ve got all the ideas and advice you to help with your plans


Turning to the future Landmark Homes
When it comes to taking the first step towards a new home for your family – well, there's dreaming and there's acting. Order your free Look Book now from Landmark Homes, to get inspired and book a cof...
What you need to know about greening your home
The pros and cons of the various options of greenwalls and greenroofs available today. Some are living, others are not – and one selection is a potential fire hazard!
Homage to the cottage
Modern and spacious inside, this home pays homage to the local historic cottage aesthetic on the outside. Sustainability is also a strong part of the mix.
Backyard innovation
How to turn a long narrow backyard into a multi-functional, low maintenance spot, ideal for relaxing or entertaining.
Passion and experience
Whether you’re building locally or remotely from another city or country, a home builder that offers high-quality, reasonably priced homes in good time is a must.
More than just a pretty face
A major renovation shouldn't just be about replacing a dated look with something attractively modern. It's also the time to put right all the layout and space planning wrongs of the original design – ...


Well grounded
In pursuit of views and effective demarcation of spaces, this home has a sculpturally organised interior – well grounded by clean, simple concrete floors.
Family planning
If you’re designing a home for a young family, you’ll need to consider how it will work best for both you and your children. But architect Clinton Cole says don't just think about your current set-up ...
Get the jump on colour trends for 2020
How to use colour to create a home that reflects your quest for a more authentic, grounded lifestyle – Essence, the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2020
Ready, Set, Go!
READY Exposed combines the strength, durability and affordability of concrete with the natural beauty of New Zealand’s spectacular riverbeds –  the perfect choice for driveways, patios, paths and pool...


Louvretec's premium shutter range includes hinged, bifolding, sliding and louvred shutter options. Louvretec Shutters have been designed for New Zealand's coastal environment. Fill your shutter with y...
Sunflex Frameless Glass Doors
Glass Sliding, Frameless Glass Doors are ideal as wall infills to close in your Louvretec Room or your deck area to create additional living spaces. Select from two different styles of Glass Doors, th...
Sopersmac | Transform your door - Make it smart
Transform your front door with a Schlage S6000 digital touchpad lock!
Our ranges
From the simple and cost-effective, to the sophisticated and state of the art, every Fairview product in every range is manufactured specifically for New Zealand’s environment, and designed to bring c...
Window styles
Windows function in different ways – some slide, some tilt, some fold back on themselves. By understanding the different types available and how they work, you can better match windows to your needs, ...


International Winners
The selection of the TIDA international winners was the culmination of a series of awards for kitchens, bathrooms and homes held across 2018.


Surface attraction – the Dekton Stonika collection
Vibrant, realistic veined patterns and textures matched with the highest technological performance required in a hard-working kitchen, this is the hyper-realistic Dekton® Stonika range from Cosentino.
Whitford House
Hitachi Residential Air Conditioning
Hitachi Commercial Air Conditioning


Fowler Homes Ltd
The Tile Depot


Home Trends Vol. 35/4
Real estate agents often say the kitchen is one of the major factors that sways potential buyers of a home. But these days, it's just as likely that the home's bathrooms will also influence a sale. So...


Venice House by architect Nils Finne
The Venice House creates a garden sanctuary in the visually chaotic Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Hahei House: A Fisher & Paykel Case Study
Minimal, organic design is aided by integrated Fisher & Paykel appliances

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