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Your home is a reflection of who you are. But building a new house on your property is a major project. Don’t worry – we’ve got all the ideas and advice you to help with your plans

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Resene has everything you need for your decorating project, from quality colour and paints, decorating accessories and professional advice to help you get a superb finish on your project inside or out.

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Ready, set, glow
Allied Concrete's Ready Glow can be used to add unique design elements and introduces a functioning, self powering renewable light source for any type of decorative concrete application. 
New roof over old
Re-roofing stands as one of the most daunting home reno projects. Now, Ross Roof Group can cover an existing roof, so there is no weather concern stalling your re-roofing and protection of your home.
How to build an individualistic new home without blowing the budget
Using a combination of commercial construction methods kept this new home within its strict budget allocation
Endless summer
Love your outdoor room? But less so in winter? The stylish Warmtech Moderno carbon infrared outdoor heater makes your al fresco space a summer space year round. 
Stack ‘em up
Need an easy way to increase your living space? In this home, four large sliding glass panels can be stacked to provide a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living areas – effectively doub...
Bird's-eye view
Perched high on a hill and surrounded by mature trees, this second home gives its owners the feeling of life in a bird's nest


A step up
Want to give the different areas in your open plan  interior some separation – but not with walls? Stairs rather than walls delineate the raised kitchen and family dining area from the more formal are...
Don't be floored
About to decide on flooring for your new or renovation project? Don't just jump in without researching first. We're here to help.
Open to the future
Time to downsize? This low maintenance beachside home is designed to be the ideal home for a retired couple.
Don't burn money to heat your pool
Ineffective pool heating becomes costly over time – so it's key to choose the most effective heating system that's available.


Illuminating advice
Well-planned lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. This makes it an effective element to switch out when renovating, so why not give it a try?
All points considered
Sites come in all shapes and sizes – a pretty rectangle isn't always the option. Here's how one house designer brought things together, with sweeping river views from most rooms the reward
Avoid overheads on your overhead
Your new roof needs to look great and offer on-going, all-weather protection – saving on upkeep and protecting the value of your home. Here's an excellent way forward. 
Built to be different
Traditional construction methods were swapped for fresh thinking on this large family home. Extended sightlines, great indoor-outdoor connections and open-plan, light-filled interiors were the owners'...


International Winners
The selection of the TIDA international winners was the culmination of a series of awards for kitchens, bathrooms and homes held across 2018.


Social streaming built in

This Fowler Homes showhome offers flowing connections through the interiors and indoors to outdoors, as well as a private master suite – perfect for family and entertaining See more

So, where is the garage?

A closer look at the cladding on this home reveals where the cars go. The fitting response to garaging is just one cool design element in this contemporary three-home development. See more

Triple Cone

Looking out on New Zealand's iconic skifield, this house has a few steep peaks and rock faces of its own. See how this savvy design makes life easy for its occupants. See more

Cool in the grass

Love lying on the grass but not so much sweltering on it? Artificial grass featuring TigerTurf's new TigerCool technology reduces turf temps by up to 10 degrees celsius – a benefit you can feel. See more


Volume 34 No 6
Discover great home, kitchen and bathroom design ideas in the latest issue of Trends.


Venice House by architect Nils Finne

The Venice House creates a garden sanctuary in the visually chaotic Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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