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Your home is a reflection of who you are. But building a new house on your property is a major project. Don’t worry – we’ve got all the ideas and advice you to help with your plans

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Warming the sole
Choosing the right heating system for your home can make a world of a difference and is especially important in rooms meant to be a haven of comfort and relaxation, like bedrooms. However, size limita...
Greener than it looks
This pool is blue in colour but green in terms of maintenance and heating. Times have changed and today's sustainable, affordable, low-upkeep, low-chemical systems benefit your wallet and also our pla...
Sports mad?
A TigerTurf MultiPlay court at home is an investment for all the family, regardless of age or skill set. This outdoor feature creates the scene for leisure, fitness, sporting development and family fu...
Closed, opened, retracted
Louvretec’s Retractable Opening Roof gives you even more control of your outdoor area
Want a green home but can't afford it? Think again
Daniel Casas, owner of Casas Design, offers a professional perspective on designing a house that’s kind to the planet, your energy bills and your build price.
Propeller driven
Don't be square – the propeller or Y-shaped design of this home reduces the scale of the building and gives access to sweeping valley views from nearly every room


Strategising for energy efficiency
Does energy efficiency work as afterthought? Not really. This professional perspective from architect Max Capocaccia of MC Architecture Studio outlines the importance of strategising for things like e...
Gardens aren't just for summer
Your garden might not always get enough love over the cooler months. However, with the right care and attention, you might just make this winter different.
Second to none
Clifftop apartment combines unbeatable harbour views with open plan luxury interiors.
Shape shifter
How can architecture go beyond just dictating the building form and materiality to co-exist with nature? The architect of this home takes a more holistic approach.


Cutting down on pool chemicals
For the health of you and your family, it's best to reduce the presence of chemicals as much as possible. Here's one way to reduce chemical usage in your home's pool
Open advantage
To accomodate their large family who visit frequently, this retired couple extended their home to create an outdoor room – and couldn't be happier with the results.
New roof over old
Re-roofing stands as one of the most daunting home reno projects. Now, Ross Roof Group can cover an existing roof, so there is no weather concern stalling your re-roofing and protection of your home.
Triple Cone
Looking out on New Zealand's iconic skifield, this house has a few steep peaks and rock faces of its own. See how this savvy design makes life easy for its occupants.


International Winners
See the best of the best – our 2018 TIDA international Home, Kitchen and Bathroom of the Year winners.


Open to the future

Time to downsize? This low maintenance beachside home is designed to be the ideal home for a retired couple. See more

Ready, set, glow

Allied Concrete's Ready Glow can be used to add unique design elements and introduces a functioning, self powering renewable light source for any type of decorative concrete application. 

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A step up

Want to give the different areas in your open plan  interior some separation – but not with walls? Stairs rather than walls delineate the raised kitchen and family dining area from the more formal areas in this new home. The travertine steps are underlit, giving them even greater definition. More Interior design ideas

Endless summer

Love your outdoor room? But less so in winter? The stylish Warmtech Moderno carbon infrared outdoor heater makes your al fresco space a summer space year round.  See more



Volume 34 No 6
Discover great home, kitchen and bathroom design ideas in the latest issue of Trends.


Venice House by architect Nils Finne

The Venice House creates a garden sanctuary in the visually chaotic Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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