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Strategic lighting can work magic. Start with ceiling and wall lights, then add spotlights, floor lamps, pendant lighting and perhaps a chandelier? Everything you need is here

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Light up my night!
Hard to imagine improving on a glass sided rooftop pool? Enter a dramatic lighting scenario...
Let there be light! 
Part of a wider renovation to bring lightness and transparency to the home, this kitchen has a long view corridor down one side and a glass door to the outdoors on the other. A skylight was added for ...
A light history
Classic sconces are just one nod to the original traditional home that this clean-lined master suite – part of a modern extension by designer Jason Klumpp – forms part of.
Illuminating advice
Well-planned lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. This makes it an effective element to switch out when renovating, so why not give it a try?

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Atom from DOMUS LINE™: 24Vdc LED Spotlight with Wide Projections
DOMUS LINE™ ATOM features SMD LEDs (no visible dots!) and an innovative new optic for a neutral, uniform appearance even when the light is off. It has a quick and easy fixing system on two lateral ste...
X-Sign from DOMUS LINE™: Stunningly Different LED Feature Light
DOMUS LINE™ X-Sign and X-Sign 4F are stunningly different, patented LED feature lights.Designed for surface installation, X-Sign and X-Sign 4F are quick and easy to install. X-Sign is 90° angled so pe...
Innovative Flexible Linear Strip LED Lighting
DOMUS LINE™ presents Flexyled; a highly innovative product in LED flexible linear strip lighting.Flexyled CR is a range of straight line and 90° corner modules with a quick plug system; no soldering e...

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Meet Hue – Light Beyond Illumination
Hue is a personal wireless lighting system designed to give the user the best lighting experience, turning every home into a smart home. It unites the user’s needs and wants into one system and can be...

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