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Strategic lighting can work magic. Start with ceiling and wall lights, then add spotlights, floor lamps, pendant lighting and perhaps a chandelier? Everything you need is here

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There are many ways of harnessing light, grasshopper
Reflective surfaces add sparkle and interest to any interior. 3D artwork hung on a mirrored surface optimises a sense of space and lightness in an already large apartment.
Illuminating advice
Well-planned lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. This makes it an effective element to switch out when renovating, so why not give it a try?

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Under statement?
Under-cabinet lighting provides an ideal way to highlight the vanity in your bathroom design and offer a night light at the same time – as in this design by Yellowfox.
White, light, right
White brick tiles and a variety of mirrored surfaces optimise existing light to create this vibrant, inviting ensuite. Get more bright ideas like this from the Trends Lighting page.
How to create perfect lighting zones in your kitchen
Ever wondered how to elevate your kitchen from merely great to a true showstopper? Here's how to create the ultimate kitchen lighting

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Meet Hue – Light Beyond Illumination
Hue is a personal wireless lighting system designed to give the user the best lighting experience, turning every home into a smart home. It unites the user’s needs and wants into one system and can be...
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