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Synthetic turf surfaces for sport, school and home.

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Ideas and inspiration

Pets and turf: All you need to know
Is your dog destroying your lawn? Put an end to endless lawn maintenance today with TigerTurf synthetic lawn
8 affordable outdoor projects you can try today

Not every outdoor project needs to involve an expensive massaging spa or costly deck rebuild. We’ve got 8 you can do on a budget

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A place for reflection

This private garden is a quiet space for reflection that's steeped in Chinese spirituality See more

Featured Image Collections

Tropical garden with pools, waterfalls, bridge, bush paths, spa pool
Tranquil rainforest garden by Natural Habitats with lush greenery, ferns, palms, pools, waterfalls, deck with pergola and adjustable louvres 
Multi-sport lawns for active families

Synthetic grass lawns have been in high demand recently – and for good reason!

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Latest outdoor living videos

XtraGrass from TigerTurf
XtraGrass is a hybrid mix of synthetic turf and natural turf which provides a natural playing surface with the durability of synthetic turf. 
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