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Hotels and restaurants rely on good design to establish brand identity and to make the customer experience as memorable as possible. We look at what's current in the world of hospitality


Back to the future
The golden age of air travel is back – and in grand style – with the new TWA Hotel at JFK incorporating Eero Saarinen’s fabulously futuristic 1962-designed TWA Flight Center as its spectacular lobby.
Green new = good news
New Zealand Government announced that any new building developed for government office accommodation is required to be measured for a NABERSNZ rating, with a target rating of four stars. NZGBC chief e...
Where eagles dare
And also adventurous travellers, if their destination is one of these pared back extensions at Manshausen Island Resort, Norway – an area noted for the world´s largest population of Sea Eagles.
Luxury meets industrial
Dark tiles, concrete, glass, simple furniture, white walls – not your usual run list for a luxury boutique hotel fit-out? All we can say is, it works!
From real estate place to surprising public space
Promoting large real estate offerings in China, large promotional buildings have their day then – when sales are over – fall into disrepute. Now they're being repurposed as out-there symbolic public b...
Turf wars
Automated pitch trays at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium provide for a seamless switch between codes – artificial turf for American Football and natural grass for Premier League Football.
DNA-inspired design – the shape of things to come?
The form of the two towers in the Steven Holl Architects' design of the headquarters for genome machine intelligence company iCarbonX in Shenzhen was appropriately inspired by a study of genes and DN...
The Tiffany & Co. store in Sydney
Well renowned jewellery giant, Tiffany & Co. recently unveiled their Sydney flagship store, situated within Sydney’s luxury shopping precinct at 175 Pitt Street.
The Rose Gardens Apartments
The design of the Rose Garden Apartments, the largest apartment complex in New Zealand, was created to give a feeling of light and space, all achieved with the use of bent and flat glass balustrades a...


But do you get frequent flyer points ...
Is Aprilli Design's Autonomous Travel Suite the future of business travel? It's a new form of hospitality that merges transportation and hotel into one form
Rock solid
There are views all round – as well as down – at Gibraltar's Skywalk

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