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Passion and experience
Whether you’re building locally or remotely from another city or country, a home builder that offers high-quality, reasonably priced homes in good time is a must.
Turning to the future Landmark Homes
When it comes to taking the first step towards a new home for your family – well, there's dreaming and there's acting. Order your free Look Book now from Landmark Homes, to get inspired and book a cof...
Understated on the outside
By strategic positioning of the core of this home, the architects were able to create interesting internal spaces and provide the solar gain required, along with differing views in all directions.
Leading the way with crisp design
A sculptural central stair helps organise the interior circulation of this dynamic, propeller-shaped home. A great home builder has the vision to create a design that gets the most from a site and bud...

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Hitachi Residential Air Conditioning
Louvretec's premium shutter range includes hinged, bifolding, sliding and louvred shutter options. Louvretec Shutters have been designed for New Zealand's coastal environment. Fill your shutter with y...


Modern Home Construction
Fowler Homes Subdivision HD
Award winning Fowler Homes™ have been designing and building homes for New Zealanders and unique prevailing regional climatic conditions for over  thirty one years.

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