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Heating options for throughout your home – heat pump, gas fire, underfloor heating, air conditioner, electric heater and more

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What you need to know about water heating in your home
From electric hot water cylinders to solar-powered systems, we cover the bases
Spring is coming. Time to replace your air- conditioning?

You could save up to 40% on energy bill upgrading your air conditioning system. How to know when it is time to look for a new heat pump? Look for noises, uneven heating or cooling, frequent repairs... 

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Walking barefoot on gently heated tiles feels like pure luxury.

It’s actually an economical way of heating rooms and there are now easy-to-install DIY kits with full, comprehensive installation instructions included.

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Everything you need to know about bathroom heating and ventilation
Heating and ventilation: Two of the most important bathroom considerations. Here’s all you need to know
The most effective ways to heat your home

From fireplaces to underfloor heating, we’ve covered the most popular forms of home heating in this helpful guide

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Innovative gas fireplaces

This stunning new fire is ‘on trend’, ideal for contemporary spaces and generous living areas.

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