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Heating options for throughout your home – heat pump, gas fire, underfloor heating, air conditioner, electric heater and more

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Winter is coming!
Impulse buying is very real, but when it comes to purchasing a heating option for your home, slow and steady is the best way to go
Radiant and reliable heating for Kiwi homes
Efficient heating systems will save you money and make your home more comfortable – so enlist the help of an experienced heating provider. Warmup has brought affordable heating solutions to over 150,0...
What you need to know about water heating in your home
From electric hot water cylinders to solar-powered systems, we cover the bases

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4 Heating bill myths – and 4 tips that actually work

Guest writer Dakota Murphey gives us the low-down on some of the home heating fallacies – and four useful tips See more

The most effective ways to heat your home

From fireplaces to underfloor heating, we’ve covered the most popular forms of home heating in this helpful guide

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