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Civic and Institutional Design

From libraries, museums and theatres, to airports, courts and government buildings – the design of civic and institutional buildings shape the way we interact with key services in our cities

Civic and Institutional Inspiration


Stadium of the future
Venues are looking to find ways of transforming, inside and out, to host a range of different sports and other commercial activities. The state-of-the-art new stadium for Tottenham Hotspur provides a ...
After-hours visitors not encouraged
Looking like an unstormable castle, China's Tianjin Exploratorium museum by Bernard Tschumi Architects displays everything from modern technologies to giant space rockets. A massive cone-shaped lobby ...
Cultural circles
Not a humble home transported to the future, but rather a dramatic opera setting in Hong Kong's breathtaking Xiqu Centre – the principality's prestigious new home for traditional Chinese opera designe...
Charging into the future
It’s a carport shelter that also powers up your eCar
In loo of energy
More than just a cheeky name, SPARK's Big Arse Toilet aims to improve sustainability and sanitation in underdeveloped countries.


Plans afoot
Double leaf design for the replacement footbridge at Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter is reminiscent of modern yacht masts or the wings of a large seabird
Hong Kong's Kowloon Station – quite a departure
Bustling Kowloon in Hong Kong now has a fresh public sculpture, er, rail terminus, designed by Aedas.
How to make an attractive city
What happened to attractive cities? This video from The School of Life explores the key principles for making visually appealing cities
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