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Bold kitchen features Fisher & Paykel appliances

- Bold kitchen features Fisher & Paykel appliances - apartment | architecture | building | cabinetry | ceiling | countertop | design | estate | floor | flooring | furniture | home | house | interior design | kitchen | lighting | living room | property | real estate | room | table | gray | black

Fisher & Paykel has been designing products since 1934 and has grown into a global company operating in 50 countries and manufacturing in Thailand, Mexico, China and Italy.

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NZ352C minicover - architecture | building | commercial architecture, building, commercial building, daylighting, glass, headquarters, interior design, library, lobby, mixed-use, public library, real estate, gray, white

The world of hotel design is changing, with a move away from bland repetition of a chain’s design template to giving guests a unique experience that reflects the location they’re visiting. In this issue of Commercial Design Trends, we look at how that’s been implemented in three quite different hotels – the TWA Hotel in the iconic 1960s TWA terminal at JFK Airport, the Sudima Christchurch City and Montreal’s new Hotel Monville.

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